The Freedom Of Letting Go

The Freedom Of Letting Go

Fulfilment is not found on an outward journey, but through an inner connection. We find our personal sense of peace when we detach from the ideas about the type of person we should be and the life we ought to live.

Clinging and striving for control puts undue pressure upon ourselves and suffocates the soul taking us further away from true happiness.

Detach from the confides of external opinion, labels and self imposed boxes.

Quieten the ego, there is no need to define yourself through identification to be acting out of subconscious patterns, this only denies us true bliss.

So let go, be vulnerable and succomb to your authenticity.

Have the courage to speak your truth, to be bold and audaciously you. Understand that you are already complete, beautiful and plentiful just as you are.

Learn to love and accept yourself to simply be, observe without judgement, settle into what unfolds and be free of worry or expectation.

Understand that all we have is the present moment to translate the beauty of our soul into the journey of life.

Laugh, dance and celebrate. Be playful and expressive. When inner and outer worlds align, balance will find you.

Share your abundance with others and love them freely without agenda.

You are love, you are light & you are possibility itself.

Kayley Easterbrook

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  1. Gorgeous words. Inspirin and strong. I’m new to TAJ and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Thank you.

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