The Eye Of Horus

The Eye Of Horus

The Senses

  • Smell
  • Sight
  • Thought
  • Hearing
  • Taste

Horus was an ancient God of Egypt and usually depicted as a falcon. The eye of Haws (Eye ot Ra as it is sometimes calied) can be turned to the left and to the night The left eye represents TH °UCH.’ the rnoon and the God Ojehuti (Thoth) and the fight eye is the Eye of Ra and is associated vith HEARING the sun. The symbol is worn to protect frorn Spin and for protection.

The name Wadjet derives troir the wofd wadj that means green, the green one and was known by the Greeks am Romans as-the nsen one’

The wedjat was ”the central element- of seven bracelets found on the rnorrmy Shoshenq II and was intend. to protect the king in the attente.


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