The Effects Of Divorce On Children

The Effects Of Divorce On Children

The Parent’s Divorce Will Never Be Easy

I see the movies these days in which they portray children being fine with the idea that their parents got divorced and maybe started dating someone else, or even marry that new person, but in real life no child is ever OK with the thought that the parents split up.

When they decide to take this step this doesn’t only affect or implicates the two adults but also the children they have together. People are not supposed to sacrifice their happiness just to keep the family together when things obviously don’t work anymore, but every parent that takes this decision should always remember that the children will see this as an end, like assisting a funeral. This is how they perceive things.

It Doesn’t Matter The Age Of The Child – The Pain Is The Same

Many people believe that if their children are all grown up and maybe with families or disappointments of their own, they will relate better to the situation and understand their parents’ decision to separate.

That can’t be further from the truth unfortunately. It doesn’t matter at all if the child is three years old or thirty years old, the pain and sufferance of the parents divorce feels the same at any age.

A dear friend of mine told me she remembers so vividly the day when her parents told her they don’t get along anymore and they think of separating. She felt like the ground ran from underneath her feet and it was like she was watching herself from outside her body. It didn’t feel real, it felt like a vivid dream that you just want to wake up from.

She saw her parents kissing, hugging, laughing and helping each other all her life and now all that was gone. It felt like she was robbed of all those memories and experience because all she could see now was them taking different roads.

She had been through so many feeling since finding out. She was in denial, being convinced that it was just a phase they are going through, she tried to get them back together, thinking that all they need is a push, someone to remind them of how happy they were, she was so angry at them for not trying harder because she was feeling like they gave up without even fighting, and at some point she just didn’t want to speak to either of them.

She understood that their future isn’t together anymore and that they can no longer find happiness together, but no matter how well she would understand it she could never get used to the idea.

What Should Parents Do?

Stay together would be a solution. I know, people can’t be forced to have an unhappy life when all they want is to feel free again, to get out of the cage they feel like they are locked in.

I think the best thing that parents can do is to try to make things work. They loved each other before, this is why they got married, so why not try everything you possibly can before calling it a quit? I think this is the best that can be done for any child and for them, as a couple. At least this way you can say you have actually tried and things really can’t be fixed anymore. But, do try, in the true sense of the word, set aside all your unhappiness and disagreements and all the bad blood that was between you and try to work things out.

If the result is the same and the two of you still want to divorce than make sure you never bad mouth one another to your children. They only need to know you can’t be happy together anymore and that you took this decision together, that it is not their fault (the children’s) in any way and your problems don’t implicate them in anyway, and that you will always love them as well as each other even if you are not together anymore.

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