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Getting bored is the easiest thing that we manage to do to ourselves. Be it the vacations you were longing for, or a break from your daily regime, when you are off the usual environment, you tend to miss the people, the place and the situations. And that is exactly why God made friends. Not the sitcom, the real ones.

But rarely do we love the company of ourselves as much as we love the company of our best friends. Why is it so? Do we value ourselves lesser than we value them? Or we find ourselves boring, needy of some sort of a conversation or an activity involving a second person other than yourself.

What if we start realizing that we are the best company we could ever get. There would be no exaggerated expectations, no hurt feelings, no dramatic , emotional scenes,etc. It is as difficult to implement it as easy it is to type it. The list of activities one can do to keep oneself entertained is exhaustive, for some, while some can pass the test easily.

One way out of it is developing a passion for a hobby or sorts and giving all your focus to it. People who are able to do that either turn into great scientists or majors of their fields or become psychopaths over a period of time, or both. The human tendency is to communicate, it is a need, not optional. A perfect balance between being social and alone(by yourself) is the key to psychological calmness and attainment of peace

Yet, I feel, the better it is to learn to love your own company, than to get disappointed over someone who might never show up when you need them, for every company you have has the power to disappoint you, except the company of yourself, because you will never hurt yourself.

 By Harsh Bathia

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