The broken heart teaches us

The broken heart teaches us
Tia Coulter

The broken heart teaches us
more than the mind can learn

Belinda Stott


Putting thoughts aside
to follow the heart

Linda Squibb


Take your brain in hand
and put some heart
in all you think.


Ceona Chambers


I hold my mind out
for all those to see,
and I think with my heart,
that’s just me

Ceona Chambers


My heart no longer
able to beat in my chest,
I gave it my minds place
so it could rest


Philipp Manuel Palaña Lara


Switching the hierarchy 
of mind over heart 
is a tragedy.

To think by heart and
feel through mind 

is a perfect recipe 
for ones misery.
Priyanka Tripathi
When logic and explanation 
don’t seem to work,
It’s time to put the brain aside,
It’s time to stop brain-heart fight,
It’s time to start loving yourself once again,
It’s time to, with the love of heart, 
release all the pain! 
Rinku Shah


Time-out for the brain,
Excessive thinking causes a strain.
Give your heart a chance…
It will leave you in a trance!


Rinku Shah


A brain that feels 
and a heart that thinks,
Will definitely break the jinx.
People will be in a daze,
As you will never cease to amaze!
Happy Honey


Don’t think 
with your broken heart,
It can alter your thoughts.
Keep them in place
And have some peace.
Sherry Greene
I think with my heart
Instead of my brain
“Never again!” I cry
Then I do it again
It’s who I am
Unbreakable chain
Sulekha Pande

Sometimes the heart knows,
sometimes the heart sees,
sometimes the heart makes,
better desicions than,
the mind

Jhun Guisdan Jr.

Heart takeover the brain.


Kayley Easterbrook


My heart totally eclipsed my mind 
as love showed me the way forward.

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