The Bickerings Got Me There

Sulekha Pande

The bickerings got me there,
the fights did me in,

I became a prisoner
of circumstances,

the home became
a house to live in.

M Jeyaram

Just from the womb,
Yet to know my home,
Soon tied up to norm,
Worried as when to roam.
Clip not my wings,
Let me feel how a bird sings,
Let me play with my friends,
Let me set my feet on soils,
Let me live my dreams,
Let me know my childhood,
If my life as a child is good,
Manhood wil’be good too!

Karthik Parthasarathy

Not to see a child suffer,
From the anxieties that childhood offer,
Living in the safe haven of a house,
The best thing a child can get.
Yet, the best may not be always so,
Till the time comes for them to be free.
Got to let them go when it is time,
For them to see and learn from life.

Rinku Shah

I withdrew in a shell
My ‘house’ or a living ‘hell’
Mom and dad, please don’t fight
Forget who’s right?
I need both of you
Hugs, chats, outings
and a pat on the shoulder too!
It’s not a space to fit,
Our home, with love
we must build it!

Samuel Jones

Bound when I was young,
I soon began to grow,
I shed my brutal trappings,
and let my parents know,
abusers were you both,
a child I was you see,
and yet you stole my right,
to grow into me.

It’s difficult sometimes,
learning how to live,
with children of my own,
who taught me how to give.

Hrisha Paul

For years you have been
tying me down
with your expectations.
Now please untie the spirals
and save me.

Karen MacLeod

My inner child remains
holding close the early pains
of losing myself in their battle
of custody and domains.

Didn’t they know
that push and pull
broke my heart and soul
leaving only a fragile ego?

Myee Jean Atherton Munns

Those strings you pull
are connected to my heart
My entire world is falling
and yet you still fight.

Day after day,
so I am unwinding,
to a place that protects my pain,
which is inside me.
So don’t tell me later
that you tried your best.
For I was watching,
I learned faster than the rest.
So bid me farewell now
for I will never be
the same again.”

Tanu Malhotra

Unfortunate it is,
when parents rip apart
an entire childhood
in their selfish rifts
and ego clashes.

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