The Best Wedding Dates for 2019

Lucky dates: June 6th

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Why they are lucky: The power of perfect numbers cannot be over-emphasized with June 6th. June, a popular wedding month has stable weather, and the warmth of summer is everything a bride dreams of. It’s picture perfect!

Wedding Dates in July 2019

Lucky dates: July 7th

Why they are lucky: 7 is the number of perfection, hence 7/7 is a lucky date. It is believed to be a sign of good luck. It is also summer which is warm. A time for relaxation, holidays, blue skies, blooming flowers, and the perfect wedding pictures!

Wedding Dates in August 2019

Lucky dates: August 8th and 12th.

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Why are they lucky: This is the time of vacation for children, so they can travel with their parents. A time of summer warmth and long days with shorter nights. You can party all day and the sun will never set.

Wedding Dates in September 2019

Lucky dates: September 9th.

Why they are lucky: This is autumn with many flowers of diverse colors in bloom. A romantic wedding month that leaves you spoilt for choice of flowers colors. You also get to enjoy the beautiful natural lights of the skies and stunning photos with breathtaking natural backdrops.

Wedding Dates in October 2019

Lucky dates: October 10th

Why they are lucky: Weddings in October are cheap because it is normally not a popular wedding month. This is also autumn with its calm weather and air. We cannot skip its beautiful natural lights and bright evenings.

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