The Best Wedding Dates for 2019

 February 01, 2019

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Why they are lucky: 11/11 is a perfect match and a week before the moose hunting period. This also falls and comes with cool weather. Another plus is that it’s veteran’s day which is believed to come with good vibrations.

Wedding Dates in December 2019

Lucky dates: December 12th and 22nd.

Why they are lucky: Wedding at this time is cheap. This is also the time for winter solstice, one characterized by calmness and sober reflections.

 Every date and month written in this article is poised to guide you in choosing the best wedding dates 2019. There are really unlucky dates in a month that if picked, may ruin your big day. There are other dates that clash with notable events and will stop your guests from showing up. Other factors such as the weather and cost of the wedding could pose a problem. With this post, you will be able to beat all these hitches and have a wedding to remember!