The Attitude of Grief

The Attitude of Grief

“The melody may perish but the words will never be”

We are mere humans staying from the body that will never be ours.

We might say that we can claim time, yet no, for time can never be defined. Time but is an illusion yet it has the full power to claim our desires and wants. We can never tell.

The emptiness of losing someone that has always been part of your every day is a menace to your mind as well.

Emotionally, you will be like the port that the airplanes always depart from. The port that ship always readies to embark upon a quest, yet, the only difference for us humans is that no one’s going back. A port that has been left behind, confuse and sad.

The adjustment from the situation gets even harder. The process of moving on will always be greedier because of the thought that as the time fades, the pain per se will fade away too.

The thing is you will always remember their voice, how their eyes smile, how their laugh sounds, how they greet when you come home, how they cook for you and the saddest part of your reminiscing is the regret. The regret of not having to say what your heart and mind wanted to utter.

The regret of having the thought that they never once heard those words from you and will never be. Mind concentration will stir up from normal until everything feels weird. The absence not only from each corner of the room but also in your heart that is beating yet viable of suffocating.

Once they’re gone everything is incomplete.

The thought of going on and starting anew is not mere “a piece of cake” thing. Walking and looking forward without the sign of their shadows in your back gives you chills and anxiety. Yet, we have to learn and accept of what really is.

Like a melody in a song, the human life in physical form and their voices may perish but just like the message and the words in a song it will always be remembered and will never ever be forgotten.

Because just like a song, the time will come that it may become an ‘old- school’ for everyone but the memories flashing while you’re listening to it will never fade. It will never become rusty, ever.

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