Ten Little-Known Facts About INFJ

Ten Little Known Facts about INFJ’s.

All MBTI types vary, even within their type; but these are often traits of an INFJ that people find surprising.

10. They are better in writing than in verbal communication.

9. They can often mimic other personality types. 

8. Don’t trifle with them – they make dangerous enemies.

7. They may not show you their deepest self for years.

6. Careful with criticism –  are extremely sensitive. Give them time to absorb what you said.

5. They love helping people. 

4. They are extremely stubborn if they believe they are right.

3. They soak up other’s energies.

2. It takes work to know them.

1. Last – one should never lie to an INFJ. They’ll know, and it WILL matter.

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