Television Is The Monster In Your Home

Television Is The Monster In Your Home

Television is the monster in your home. And it’s called a program for a reason. Your television is nothing more than an electronic mind-altering device. It has been designed to psychologically change the ways you view reality.

20 thoughts on “Television Is The Monster In Your Home”

  1. Avatar of Cindy Fahringer

    What to wear, how to look, where and what to eat and drive…
    Instant gratification that isn’t gratifying at all when the bills come due and you are broke!
    Way to go! “Stay Tuned: There’s More!”

  2. Avatar of Regie Sawadogo

    Reality is to painful to bear let’s just watch tv and surf on our smart phone just to forget that we are struggling for the dream they made for us!!!!!!!

  3. Avatar of Jerry Carr

    We just need to accept the programming and our lives can be beautifully numb and void of meaning come on get with the program join the hive !

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