Superiority Complex and its Manifestations

Superiority Complex and its Manifestations

 What I believe is the best, is the best.

And compliments? It is only receiving. Giving is a big NO. But, naturally, how can the world’s best person come down from their pedestal and dole out a good word? Or, even if they do, it is done with a sense of deliberate measure, and said with so much strategy that the naive recipient should end up feeling God showered flowers on him right from the heavens. You see, praise came from the best, in acknowledgement of me being somewhere distantly close to the best. 

I want you to ask about me, since I am the most interesting person I know.

I read this anecdote once from a therapist, who wrote with utmost discretion of course. One of her clients had once mentioned that he boarded a flight during one of his sojourns, and the person sitting next to him was a famous songstress. So, the excited fan ended up having this most wonderful conversation with her and excitedly exchanged numbers with her. On return, he sent her a text message, and got NO reply. A confused X (let us keep it that way) asked the therapist: “We had such a brilliant conversation. I was convinced she liked me. She confided so much about herself – her blunders, flaws, her relationships. She even fielded all my questions – it was so personal and warm. What went wrong?”

The therapist probed further and discovered: The songstress had found the ideal gullible fan on a long, boring flight. She spoke, yes, but only about herself – and had found the right co-dependent listener in the poor fan, who was misled into thinking he had met the next great friend or love of his life.  It was the classic case of a self-absorbed, vain celebrity who had little or no time for a real connection. But, such people lurk among us too. Watch out.

I love gossip, I love to gossip, I spread gossip.

Human beings are born for conversation. We all love to talk about something/someone.  Being diplomatic is often seen as being boring. But, make no mistake, sharing honest observations with a trusted, dear one is highly different from gathering a mini-forum and spreading stories and malicious criticism or commentary about someone. When a person has aired his “honest” opinion about someone to a group, observe him carefully – is he downright bitchy? Downright dismissive, and immediately asserting how he or she is not like the other person, and “different” with great ethics and values? Are they “meming” the person in question? There, you got your Mr. or Ms. Superior of the Decade, and you could well be the next fortunate victim of their calculated malice, on another date when you happen not to be there.

I am most humble, accommodating – hey, but one has to advertise it, no? 

When you are humble, you won’t advertise it. When you are accommodating, you wont talk about it too often. You will show it in action. Point, no?

So there, I had fun writing this! There may be more manifestations – and interesting variations to human behavior – and all negative behavior cannot be clubbed with a complex or psychopathy – we have to learn to be discerning, sometimes learn to ignore, if we can, or better still, write a post!

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