1. Link placement and self-promotion

We are happy to help our guest contributors promote their work, but there are some rules for link placement and self-promotion.

You can include the URL of your blog’s homepage with the name of the site as a link anchor or your social network profiles in your author bio. However, if you place links to specific pages with the keyword containing anchor texts in the article body, all links will be removed. This kind of link placement is only acceptable for sponsored posts (if you represent a company or a marketing agency and want to place a link to a corporate website, review website or online store, this is the right option to choose). Please mind that free guest posts are intended only for bloggers who want to help their website get more exposure. In any other cases, consider having your post published on TheMindsJournal on a paid basis.

Similarly, try to avoid an obvious promotion of all kinds of sites, services or products. All content published on TheMindsJournal is for informational purposes only and we don’t want our readers to think that we are trying to make them buy something.

2. Make sure that your content is original.

We try to publish only unique articles written exclusively for TheMindsJournal. If your article has already been posted somewhere else, it’s probably not a good idea to publish it here. Your story has more chances to attract more potential readers if it is original.

3. Make sure that your piece fits our website.

Posts featured on TheMindsJournal are positive, inspiring and helpful. If your piece is snarky or sarcastic, it is probably not for us. The main purpose of the website is to help people improve their lives and the world around them. Make sure that your story is in accordance with this purpose and fits one of the following categories: health & wellness, environment & planet, science & technology, self-improvement, relationships, and lifestyle. Remember that your work will get more attention if our readers are interested in the topic of your article and resonate with the ideas presented in it.

4. Write an introduction and a conclusion.

These two parts of the article are extremely important. The introduction gives the reader a first impression about your article and is a key factor to making them want to continue reading it. Does your first sentence/paragraph make it clear what the article will be about?
As for the conclusion, this part is aimed to inspire the reader and call them to action. It is recommended to use the conclusion to ask the readers to comment and share their opinion and thoughts about your article.

5. Make sure to give clear instructions and actionable tips.

Many readers come to TheMindsJournal to find solutions to health and personal issues. If your article is aimed to give the reader some advice, make sure to provide clear and precise tips that can be implemented easily. If you write on self-improvement, try to provide some fresh ideas instead of giving vague recommendations and using all kinds of cliché, such as, for example, “motivate yourself.”

6. Make sure to provide credible and valid information and include all the necessary links.

If you write about science or health and mention some particular studies, books or papers, make sure to include the respective links. This way, our readers will know that the presented information is valid and based on real facts. It is also recommended to link to such sites as Wikipedia with the purpose of making it easier for the reader to understand the subject and/or better explain the terms and concepts described in the article.

7. Think up a good title.

A good title will help your story grab our readers’ attention and make them want to read it. If you are having a hard time trying to find the right title, ask yourself the following questions: How will reading this article make someone’s life better? What problem/question does my article solve/answer?

8. The text of your article should be well-written and have no mistakes or typos

Make sure to check your spelling and grammar before sending your article to us. Grammar check software can be very handy here (we recommend using the application called Grammarly). Still, grammar mistakes and typos are probably not the most common writing issue among guest contributors, particularly if English is not their first language.
Make sure to avoid the following:

9. Omitting the articles

Multiple use of the same words and phrases throughout the text – try synonyms instead
Issues like confused sentence structure or incorrect word order, which make the text sound awkward and confusing to English speakers
*If English is your second language, please review the text of your article carefully before submitting it.

10. Prefered Word Count

600 words is a minimum for all guest articles being published on TheMindsJournal. However, if you write about self-improvement and similar topics, which feel incomplete without a good level of elaboration, the preferable word count is above 1000 words.