What a strong independent woman truly desires

I am a strong modern woman who is struggling to have a life somewhere between “societal norms” and “breaking stereotypes”. It sounds easy when I think of un-messing my life and making it sorted, yet I end up inviting chaos. Then I realized its not just me ,today women have to think about maintaining life, career, family, love and friends whilst keeping their self respect  & its complicated as hell. But relationships for a woman with integrity ; is a whole another dimension these days. To simplify :

  1. A strong woman needs a man who understands that he is not her entire life and gladly accepts it. She has a life of her own and he is an utterly important part of it.
  2. A strong woman wants a man who actually thinks of what he truly wants with her. A weak man would never know what to do with such a woman.
  3. A strong woman needs a man who speaks his heart out and doesn’t leave her wondering “What’s really on his mind”. She neither has time nor she wants to waste it contemplating.
  4. A strong woman needs a man who isn’t afraid to express because she knows she isn’t. Also because she knows ”Action speaks louder than words “
  5. A strong woman needs a man who doesn’t make her feel jealous or insecure. Instead spends his time showing her off to the world. She is too fierce to feel them anyway.
  6. A strong woman needs a man who isn’t hesitant to think, speak or act towards her. She has too much on her plate, she won’t wait.
  7. A strong woman needs a man who knows that she is not afraid of being on her own. She might be seeking a special kind of love but she doesn’t need anyone to survive.
  8. She needs a man who understands loyalty and respect. She has loved .. She has lost … She has changed. She deserves no ordinary. She knows she deserves better than the person who gives up on you.

    Not everyone loves drama. Not everyone creates drama.  

    Some wish not to be consumed by it. Some wish to end it.

    Strong woman takes charge and stays away from drama 

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