When you see the word “strength” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?! Let me tell you what it is.

Physical strength.. people think that being strong is actually being able to lift that 30 kg weights in the gym or being able to climb that mountain or running the marathon etc.

Well that is a point of view for some but let me tell u mine

Strength is equal to “Mental strength” where u lift those negative thoughts to become positive , where u climb that ladder to reach your goal, where u run the path of your life by letting go of everything that is holding you back

That is strength

Go to the gym lift those weights by don’t forget in the end of day when you put your head on that pillow, your muscles will be so relaxed and the only thing that will he functionning is your brain

Use it wisely

Stay strong.. Stay focused and let the world see what you can do


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