Spring clean your mind from the past that is left behind

Jaimie Mazzone 

Spring clean your mind 
from the past that is left behind. 
Start today clean as new 
for a brighter future 
is in store for you.

Amanda Archey 

Time to clean out 
all the lingering webs from my head
and discard all the negative thoughts 
being fed.

Rinku Shah 

A clean place,
Is a happy space.
A clear mind,
Is one of a kind.
Let the negativity flow 

like through a gutter,
Remove the clutter.
A mind that is clear
Brings joy and cheer!

Debbie Raynor 

A clean conscience 
leaves us room 
for the better things 
in our life.

Karthik Parthasarathy 

When I stop using my mind,
Dust settling all over leaving me in a bind,
There you are, helping me clear up,
Giving me a chance to cheer up.
What will I do without you, my friend?
Hope you will be with me till my end.

Debra Pry 

I’m cleaning out all the negativity 
from my mind
I’m not stressing over the things 

that are temporary.
I’m letting it go,
Speaking words of wisdom.

Sulekha Pande 

The mind is an amazing storehouse,
make sure it’s full of happy thoughts,
don’t turn it into a warehouse,
of negativity, hurt, depression,
and old grudges,
clear your head and face the world

Francois Neumann 

all these
memories for
a new

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