Specific Things the Zodiac Signs Struggle With

Specific Things the Zodiac Signs Struggle With

What They Struggle With  Specific Things Zodiac Signs Struggle With

ARIES: Their self doubt.
They think they won’t achieve what they want and they’re scared of it so they give up easily or don’t try harder.

TAURUS: Negative self image.
They have to remind themselves everyday of their self worth and their mind is their worst enemy.

GEMINI: Worrying about what others think.
During younger years it’s very hard for them to stop caring. But, when they’re older they end up realizing others’ opinions don’t matter.

CANCER: Insecurity in relationships.
They fear abandonment in friendships and romantic interests, and need reassurance from time to time.

LEO: Watering themselves down.
Most of them are told they’re too intense or they’re “too much”. They convince themselves that they need to be less or act differently.

VIRGO: Fear of others letting them down.
They often put up walls for the fear of getting disappointed by someone.

LIBRA: Putting their feelings into words.
It can be hard for them to truly understand what they are feeling until they process it, and it often involves writing it down.

SCORPIO: Thinking people don’t care.
It’s easy for them to think nobody cares and to bundle up their feelings in fear of annoying others with their problems.

SAGITTARIUS: Not feeling comfortable.
They’re very particular with who they allow into their worlds and it’s hard for them to find people who fit their energy.

CAPRICORN: Not knowing when to stop.
They can work themselves to the bone and not ever know when to slow down and take care of themselves.

AQUARIUS: Not voicing their needs.
They fear being an inconvenience and in return they end up silencing their own needs.

PISCES: Getting caught up in the thought of the future.
They can often worry themselves by thinking of every outcome and how things could go wrong.


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