Soul Searching

Soul Searching

Emotions fuel my fires

as they drive my desires.

Bonds forged by flesh

forgetting my true self afresh.
Friend to fiend, beloved to foe

changing bodies yet another embryo.

Ancestral bonds and familial ties

blinds the wisdom of even the wise.
Tying my own noose

cooking my own goose.

Twilight cloaks eyes

internal hi-jackers in disguise.
Putting fingers in a live socket

clinging on to lusts locket.

Bleeding wounds and feeding a shark

waking up sleeping dogs who seldom bark
So i ask, is it them or is it me or perhaps we, all three

is it faults of myself in others that i see

Burning bridges fired by quarrels

unhinged heart leans on immorals.

Stabbings with our tongue

leaving the glories of one another unsung.

In the company of others whilst all alone

where are my people? Am i a clone ?
Soul searching for solace whose heart beats of stone

foraging for friendship, elusively unknown.

As the fire keeps blazing, discontent impels the flame

perpetually it seems, fanned by blame.
Dying to feel as emotions are torn

will i ever to myself be reborn ?

i don’t know for sure, i don’t know for certain

one day will i find happiness behind that curtain ?

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