Soul Journey

Soul Journey

Slowly the start glimmers-

that’s how I felt my eyes heavier by each minute;

The rushing wave as settles in the calm sea;

that’s how I felt myself falling-

As I rested for some moment, for sleep;

And the scent went with the wind everywhere-

I saw eyes with universe in them;

And hair with flowing stream-

I saw language, I wanted to speak;

When I saw figures-

And felt my tears first;

I saw two people sharing it-

And loving smiles wanting me to grow;

I heard blessings-

And brilliance around me;

I saw some dwelling with me-

And they sometimes used to fight for me;

I saw how I can even not feel-

And saw others pain was as felt in me;

I saw how easy is to smile here-

As it is seen in front, without anyone’s touch in there;

And I saw how one can drown in someone’s eyes-

I saw how love can forever be;

And with springs all around-

I saw those two people in me;

I saw how this all can not be-

And how there were, as much as they;

I saw how each one of my was shredding away-

And how each one of others were too;

I realized they were also asleep-

And how I often wanted to weep;

As I saw myself all around here-

But I saw myself disturbed by layers;

Around me some were worried-

Similarly as I was a long time ago;

They were always in me-

But now I was suddenly out of breath;

That moving place seemed to still-

And I found myself distilled;

As here my eyes flutter from my broken sleep tourney-

Regaining , I continued my journey.

– Arushi Gaur

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