Somewhere Along The Unsent Letters

I always thought that maybe one of the most sincere kinds of love is a love that was left unsaid.
The love that was shared but didn’t come to fruition. A love that wishes through the stars, a love that is satisfied by secretly watching from afar. The kind of love that never went away even if the other has found a new love. Sometimes, it is written through the unsent letters.
I like to think that maybe, the timing wasn’t right for us. But maybe it’s because we’re just not each other’s true love. You felt it a little early while I realized it too late. Maybe, we are soulmates bound to break along with the promises we made.
I didn’t want this love to be so complicated but this love is too deep that those who don’t know how to swim will be drowned.
And I am sorry that I trade the possibility of an “us” to “what if’s” and “what could have been”. I chose to be mysterious than to confess the love that should’ve made it through instead of settling for an almost. 
This love has experienced real pain in the process of accepting the lost of a beautiful start. It ended for you but never for me. It stayed all this time. And for whatever happened, I still have no regrets. This love will continue to care through silence and unexpected ways.
Though this love may seem one-sided, it is still unrequited and selfless. It wishes nothing but your happiness. And though I once wanted to be the reason for that, I want you to be happy even if it’s not with me.
Even if I’m no longer a part of your life and though I don’t even cross your mind, you will always be in my prayer and my last thought at night.
A part of me will never forget you even though I know that I have to. I will always be wishing through the stars, wanting all the best for you, supporting you in ways you’ll never see, cheering for you from a distance.
Because, somewhere along the unsent letters, you will find me confessing a love that was left unsaid. 
And though it will never be heard or read by you nor it won’t change anything, I would still say the very reason for this,
I love you…
I will always love you…
And this kind of love, my love for you doesn’t need any return. It is simply contented with just knowing that you are happy wherever you are and whoever you’re with.
You’re always in my heart.
ALWAYS, mijn lieve.

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