Sometimes Your Mind Needs A Break

Sometimes Your Mind Needs A Break
Happy Honey

Cut yourself off
from the noise of world
and listen to the inner voice.


Karen MacLeod

Close your eyes
to open your mind
and listen to the inner voice
that is kind.


Karthik Parthasarathy


The voices in my head,
Can never be put into bed,
Keeps telling me stuff,
Oh, it's extremely tough.
Even the simplest of decisions,
Provides me a whole lot of questions,
Never allows me
to be in the present,
The voices in my head,
they are never absent.


Rinku Shah

Sometimes your mind needs a break,
Let your heart lead for God’s sake.
A mind that feels and a heart that thinks...
It’s priceless to see the two in sync!



Priyanka Tripathi

Before the mind
becomes your master,
master the mind!!


Debra Pry

Listen to the calmness
within your mind and soul.
The soul never lies.


Martin Xayachack


Who do you truly believe
is whispering in your ear.


Basava Chandana Valli

The key to listening
to The Inner Voice
is in Meditation.



Brenda Johnston

Listen well,
the mind whispers
but the soul speaks.

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