Something I just thought about this morning

Something I just thought about this morning

They say love knows no bounds .. I don’t know about that , I feel like I’ve seen the bounds and push them  a couple of times … love definitely has bounds , I’ve seen where it ends .

Love has boundaries ,we know this , we knock them down .. build them back up and knock them down again but does it have to be that way ? Can’t we learn ? Can’t we be brave ? Can’t we believe ? Because maybe that is all we need … a little courage , a little hope , a little belief , maybe there are no boundaries if we choose to not see them , maybe love is unlimited if we are just brave enough to decide love is limitless , maybe there is enough happy for everyone.

It’s your life

time is short don’t waste it with someone you don’t actually want

breath in , breath out

and if you love someone DO something about it … let them know today , cause love is limitless and we are not permanent we are humans who only have one life , one chance , one love and we don’t get to waste it .

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