Something I Just Recently Learned Was That Chased Love


Something I just recently learned was that chased love, is not love. If you have to run after it, talk it into staying, remind it of your value, fight alone for the both of you, issue ultimatums, or test it – it is not love! It’s not love, it’s not happiness, it’s not fair, it’s not healthy, the only thing it is… is a waste of your time.
– Jessica Casey

6 thoughts on “Something I Just Recently Learned Was That Chased Love”

  1. I think what we refer to as “romantic love” is an emotional response to the illusion of thinking that another person has come to fulfill your purpose. Just as not all people experience the depths of despair as depressed people do, not all people experience this emotion either. The truth is though that the emotion is an illusion, just as much as depression is. The real world does not have any emotion. It is nuetral. We just react to it differently because of the lense we developed over time or were perhaps born with.

  2. Chased love (as stated here in this meme)….it lacks TRUST.

    And…well, trust is important for a relationship that one wants to LAST.

    Folks can almost always find a reason to mistrust… Finding reasons to trust is much more difficult. But it’s better. It is better to trust.

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