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Some Facts On Emotional Manipulators

Some Facts On Emotional Manipulators

Some Facts on Emotional Manipulators

  1. They can’t be trusted.

No matter what you say, they’ll turn the situation around so they seem like they’re a victim, and have been unfairly judged.

  1. They leave you feeling crazy, or mixed up and confused.

They’ll twist your words and motives so you feel misunderstood,
and they rationalize their actions so you seem unreasonable.

  1. They’re great at making you feel guilty or “bad”.

Nothing you can do or say is ever right to them. No matter what you try, you know it always will be wrong.

  1. They are passive-aggressive.

They’ll smile at your face and they’ll stab you in the back. They’ll gladly talk about you and pass along mean gossip.

  1. They have the ability to manipulate the emotional climate in a group.

So, if they’re feeling happy, and life is going well, they’re the life of the party and everyone must smile. But when their life is tough then they’ll moan, groan and complain, and they’ll make sure everybody feels miserable as well.

  1. They are self-absorbed and a law unto themselves.

Life is always by their rules, and everything revolves around them. They’re not accountable, and they will always please themselves.

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