Some Day You Will Grow Past The Cloud

Some Day You Will Grow Past The Cloud

In many ways we had experienced words get in the way, the minute it seemed a must-say and the next followed by a hesitant to carry on at a new thought. Is that a sign of self sabotaging or a blessing in disguise, because you would never be wrong if you are in non action mode? Though of course you would also not be right even if you might be, if you just do what you wanted to.

In those passing seconds of time, how many thoughts went past or how many had formed? Proving thoughts to be inconsistent and that mind is fickle is true, at least when persistence did not take shape after careful weighing consequences of thoughts.
So what had these anything to do with grow past the clouds or get through with clarity? When one is clear on objectives and goal, it all becomes clear how things should be and should be done.
We come from a spectrum of diversity, all lights of varied spectrums, we are different but the same in many ways, come from the same source and live in the same earth. We had somehow lived past difficulties and made it through.
In all recollections of lessons learnt, we have evolved into the persons we are. In this perspective, we know what actions to take to become better. When there is procrastination, we understand that we need new actions to result in a difference or at least, new test to result in a new thought.
New challenges always manifest with struggles. But every victory and overcoming them result in better version of an individual. We cannot say all people learn in the same way. However, we are sure that challenges always result in a stronger and tougher you.

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