Sit Under The Stars


Sit Under The Stars

Sit under the stars


The magic lies in between your thoughts, so listen carefully:

Magic is not to be fought.


Sit under the stars where jealousy does not meet, where anger does not roar and where doubt cannot reach.


It is under the stars where the magic lies, it is under the stars where I am reminded – I am home.

Home is a comfort but comforts aren’t why we‘re here. I know why I’m here, and I know I am meant to roam.


Loneliness is none under the stars,

Whether the stars or the trees, the sea or the sand,

I am always reminded they are holding my hand.


Smile, for we have been here before and the cards are already dealt.

Sit under the stars, because some things are so beautiful, they can only be felt.


Smile, for the stars remind us that nothing exists but love.

Don’t look down, simply begin your search from above.


Don’t think or do, nor fear or doubt, just observe.

Keep your mind still, but it’s okay if you swerve.


There’s beauty in the most mysterious places,

And there’s magic in the most obvious places

We aren’t here for long, so don’t forget to leave your traces


And don’t forget to watch the stars graces.

5 responses to “Sit Under The Stars”

  1. Gangadhar Sivaswamy Avatar

    Real thoughts with maguical effect; feelings make you rich in experiences!

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