Zodiac Signs Dealing With Romantic Rejection

Zodiac Signs Dealing With Romantic Rejection

When They Deal With Romantic Rejection:

Aries: That didn’t work. I need to try again.

Taurus: Says, “you’re not following the script!”

Gemini: I never asked you out, what are you talking about, who even are you?

Cancer: Tells everyone close to them about how sad they are. This is going to be the only topic of conversation for the next few weeks. Maybe even more.

Leo: I was doing everything right though.

Virgo: I expected this outcome

Libra: They must be playing hard to get

Scorpio: Time to not open up for another ten years as I try and get over this.

Sagittarius: Reblogs sad quotes for a few days

Capricorn: I was in denial about this outcome but it’s okay, because I will bury this down along with all my other 39346721399239 issues

Aquarius: Says, “your loss, you idiot. It’s not like I ever liked you anyways.” Repressing tears.

Pisces: I will use this moment as a constant reminder to never do anything like this ever again.

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