A mountain may seem to be beautiful and flat from far but once you try to climb it, you can understand that it’s not as easy as it seems to be.

The same is with the girls – we may look simple, friendly, smiling and laughing, hanging out with all my friends. But inside, I am carrying a volcano always. The fear of what someone might think of me or what someone might do with me or of what if I don’t return to my home. Girls generally don’t show these fear to everyone except the ones who they trust the most.

From the people we choose to be friends with to the dress we wear to the places we need to visit the person we need to live our whole life, most of the times, we never get what we need! We are still living our lives according to a third person, who is in no way related to us! We are more concerned about what they might talk than our own happiness.

We are living in a generation where we can have online petitions being signed for even saving a accused, who is a juvenile when the crime was committed, but not even a voice being raised defending the victim against whom the crime did!

We never wake up and fight the crime is committed. And after a few days, we calm down. The justice will be delivered and once again we fight in the name of the victim. After a few days, we protest in the name of human rights against the accused – quoting them to be innocents!

For how many days will this continue? Isn’t there any permanent solution to this growing evil? Is shutting our mouths is the only and best solution you got to escape from the crimes you had made??

Is the blame game for us being responsible and our dress-sense being not cultural never going to end? I still wonder the reaction from you, when your sister/mother wears the same dress as I did/do. Will you do the same to them? Or will you allow the same to have happened with them? Think again and again, is it my dress or your thought that had provoked you!!!

Yes, I was raped 

My whole body was covered and I wasn’t traveling midnight, yet I was raped. 

I was neither walking alone nor talking to a stranger or I was using any shortcut, yet I was raped. 

I was physically raped by two cowards who hadn’t the guts to show their anger at the person whom they were angry at and eventually I became their scapegoat. 

But till date and even in the future, I will never get out of this trauma because people surrounding me never wants to! 

Yes, I was raped only once. But people mentally rape me all the day and probably for my whole life. 

I have house arrested myself to avoid the questions of people which directly pierce my heart and make it bleed and pain so much that I forget the pain which they had given my by forcefully inserting broken glass pieces into my body. 

I have stopped walking along the streets, where I had grown up – not fearing but to escape the gathering of the people who recognise me and ask me questions in such a way that I feel like I have been interrogated by some judicial authorities. 

I feel like screaming at them and tell them that they have no idea what I had and am going through and ask them if they have ever wondered the pain I am still bearing. Once again, I was silenced and was instructed to not open my mouth!

I have stopped trying to stand forgetting the past, because I know that people will never let me do so! 

But at the end of all, kudos to the people in the society who have been and are successful in bringing up people like me, in a way they want – whatever happens just shut your mouth!

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