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Say This To Summon A Zodiac Sign

Say This To Summon A Zodiac Sign

Say This To Summon A Zodiac Sign –

ARIES – “Prove it.”

TAURUS – “There’s a two-for-one sale on hand lotions”

GEMINI – “I need a second opinion”,

“There’s something I’d love to get off my chest”

LEO – “I desperately need a glamorous + 1 for tonight’s gala”

VIRGO – “I can’t figure out how to turn this dehumidifier on”

LIBRA – A vague subtweet alluding to interpersonal drama

SCORPIO – “I’m finally starting to get over this Scorpio”

SAGITTARIUS – “Who wants to drive to California this weekend?”

CAPRICORN – Anything incorrect that they can fact-check

AQUARIUS – “Everyone at this party is so boring”

PISCES – “What’s so special about me anyway?”

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