Say something nice about yourself

Say something nice about yourself

36 thoughts on “Say something nice about yourself”

  1. Im looking for a new friend who is genuine, loyal, fun, open minded, and not after anything from me. But if there’s a possibility having business together we still discuss nicely and clearly. Why not?

  2. – I am loyal,
    – detail,
    – friendly,
    – stubborn,
    – bad tempered after a loooooong time being patience,
    – i was bullied by friends and family but hey!!! Im still herr and maintain myself positive.
    – an HSP and empath,
    – very caring,
    – i love to jokes,
    – i listen to jokes,
    – always in pain but still always giving without asking something back,
    – when i love someone i give myself 150%. Hmm am i wrong? Should i be proud?,
    – I have so many scars in my heart some are dry already, some still healing.
    – I know the feeling of being hurt that’s why i always try my best to not hurt people in any way. (If i unconsciously do then well, oopsy sorry…),
    – i am so lazy to go to the party. Full with haha hihi only. People dress up and act like a shark playing feeding frenzy. No. Not me. I prefer watching netflix.
    – i am always there to the people that needs me when they have a bad rough time i will fly and go accompanying them. And listen. And cook. And buy a box of tissue.

  3. …..a kick ass Special Education teacher in the poorest concentrated area according to the latest research, and I stay in this setting because these kids need kick ass teachers 🙂

  4. I’m beautiful woman I’m sweet, and good person and real, @ I’ve learned a lot, @ loss a lot, I’m strong sometime I’m weak but I’m still unique in my own way thanks to God,

  5. I’m nervous, stubborn, bad tempered, but at the same time Iam faithful to those I love. Sensitive, caring, humorous, pampering and loving unlimitedly…

  6. I am persistent, I am tenacious, and I am patient. It’s not how hard I pull and tug, it’s enough to hold steady tension and walk myself forward, if only an inch at a time.

  7. I am a woman with passion who is kind,real and raw.. I am a dreamer, creater, humanitarian and philosopher of life, with a heart of gold..
    I am just myself. <3

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