Rise above the mistakes

If we sit back and think about an incident that changed the course of our life, it is seldom a pleasant one. It is the one that we had to show extra grit in, the one that burnt us and yet we came out alive and stronger- just like the Phoenix.

Some of us made a terrible mistake, something that we did not think we were capable of; while some of us paid the price for mistake of someone else. Whatever it was, it put our judgement to test and maybe, just maybe, we failed that one time. What we do not sometimes realise is that accepting we made a mistake is battle half won. Now we can choose to let these mistakes consume us and then define us or we can choose to own up and understand that in spite of and because of these mistakes we can become better and stronger version of ourselves. That we can rise above the shame caused and become better people instead of bitter. Unfortunately, this is the time when our closest relationships will be put to test. This is the time that we most need to believe in ourselves because it’s easy to feel as if the whole world is closing in on us.

So I’ll tell you this; when we make our biggest mistake, when we feel we are at a point of no return in our life; please forgive yourself for things you didn’t know before you learnt them; promise yourself that you will not let this one incident define your life; that you will instead use this as a fuel to rise much higher in life and show it to yourself and others what you truly are made of; that no matter who stays or leaves you will not stop loving yourself and believing in yourself; that the answer to any setback is growth and not penance alone. And then when you do redeem yourself you will know and you will have learnt that in doing so you got your second chance. ♥️
Dedicating this post to all the brave ones who fought their inner demons and came out shining brighter!

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