Out of the blue, 
that I had no clue;
Said he, “I will get a ring for you”, 
“You know that I love you,
 you know that I do,
 and that my love for you is true”.
Waited I,
for the day to come by;
Wondering I would blush, like a bird would I fly, 
My hopes knew no defeat and up they went high and high.
Numb was I,
when the day finally came by; 
Knowing it was nothing but just another lie, 
My hopes had blinded my reasons, and
down were they like a long lost star in the daylit sky.
Out of the blue,
that I had no clue;
Said he, “I have nothing for you”;
“Now that I don’t love you, 
you should know it’s true,
 and that I love another and not you”

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