Respond, Don’t React


‘Respond, ‘Don’t ‘React
‘When you react to something someone says or does, you may have a problem with boundaries. If someone is able to cause havoc by doing or saying something, she is in control of you at that point and your boundaries are lost.
`When you respond, you remain in control with options and choices. If you feel yourself reacting, step away and regain control of yourself so family members can’t force you to do or say something you do not want to do or say; and something that violates your separateness. ‘When you have kept your boundaries, choose the best option. The difference between responding and reacting is choice. ‘When you are reacting, they are in control. ‘When you respond, you are.

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  1. Avatar of Mithila Vaidya

    i need some more help on this ……………… some more literature reqrd………….. so it means, if somebody misbehaves with me I shudnt react, i shud respond ??? means what shud i exactly do ??

  2. Avatar of Atena Mantovani

    Te acuerdas que te había dicho lo de responder y no reaccionar hace tiempo wereee y aquí alguien más lo piensa, no lo había visto yo jajaja parece que lo saco de mi mente… Consciencia colectiva Rocío Quiñones

  3. Avatar of Suman Sinha

    Ability to take responsibility is called respond. When we respond to any situation of our lives, its creates an invisible aura of positive energy. When we react to the same situation it also creates a energy field but negative energy. Once a Spiritual master was waiting in an airport for the next flight to abroad. Just before half an hour of departure, an announcement was made…The flight no.200 of Air India will be delayed by 2 hours due to unavoidable circumstances. The spiritual master smiled with joy and loudly utter …what a grt. Chance to read and preparation for my next speech. Other passengers looked at him in a strange way started criticism. After 2 hours another announcement came from passenger address system. …the flight no.200…will be delayed by another 2 hours. The spiritual master again expressed with joy and loudly said…what a great chance to complete this novel.The other passenger started to complaing to higher authority of AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA, Lastly the female voice from passenger address system made announcement that the said flight will be delayed by another 4 hours. The spiritual master jumped from the chair with joy….and loudly said what a chance to have a local tour which was his dream for many yars. An old beautiful looking lady was sitting beside him and asked every time they are announcing the delay….you are enjoying. ..whats the reason…where as others are making cacophony and complaining and creating hustle and bustle. … The spiritual master smiled and said every time they are announcing the delay…I am creating an aura of postive energy field by saying and imbibing new opportunities. I am responding. Others are reacting. Natural calamity or technical problems is not always at hands of Airport authority or in airline co. It is a technique to be taught and to be trained our mind accordingly.

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