Reflecting the fickle heart

Reflecting the fickle heart
‘Vulnerability’ would be an understatement to describe the current situation of my life. When you get excited at the smallest token of love & affection from family or friends, when reading a small quote or video about life on social media brings tears to those eyes, when marriages happening around makes you crave for a life partner or when success stories of individuals makes you go crazy to create one of your own, ‘being vulnerable’ is not enough to define you!
Probably, being a stubborn introvert gemini girl in her mid-20’s with questions, intentions & ambitions is to be blamed. The duality of wearing a constant smile and keeping your loved ones happy while struggling to feed your innerself with answers is taking a toll on you. Everyone around thinks you are strong enough and just doing fine by yourself. On the contrary, your life has become a constant battle between reaching out to spirituality, finding the love of your life and building a career that you are so passionate about.
Each day now seems like a challenge, you feel like giving up. But some unidentifiable voice or power pushes you to keep going despite all that is happening.
Meditation, motivation and taking inspiration from people around is the driving factor that has been helping to go through this nested phase of the life. It is yet to be discovered that this piece of mortality will find solace in knowing the subconscious version of its own, or being together with its better half, or oneness with the creator, or maybe when all these three dots meet.
Till then, life is happening. Waiting for the moment when it would fulfill its purpose or maybe atleast create a path for this journey.
Like they said, ‘Smooth Seas never made Skillful Sailors’, each obstacle is making you prepare to be the best version of yourself. And being alone is only going to bring out the best in you. With this hope, dreams are alive and beliefs in place. Being ready to give your all!!!

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