Being Random

Being Random

The challenging thing about being random is not having a plan.
But life, well…. there is nothing random about it. There is always a plan of sorts or can there be a small amount of randomness about it.

I have to say in the moment the challenge is about moving forward through each and every part of our lives. Many a times a curve ball has been thrown and I have had to in completely random moments in my life. You set out a plan for yourself and face every challenge and when you think everything is falling in to place something so random and unexpected shakes things up and well your faced with the challenge of understanding the point.

So here we are we have set out our plan we have focused on what it is that we need or want to achieve, but what we have forgotten is that we need to ensure that we continue to view ourselves in a way that is so random that the challenge is to move forward, while preparing for the unexpected.


The question is, are the plans we make actually a plan or is there some sort of randomness to it. And if what we plan is somewhat random then why is it that you make a plan. I guess that’s where the challenge lies and the moment we stop is the moment we find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward. So would it be reasonable to say that a PLAN and the RANDOMNESS of life itself co-exist as one.

When I look back on aspects of my life with this thought in mind I have to consider that yes Plans and Randomness co-exist as one, this is because the life experiences so far have shown me that if I didn’t have one with the other, I would have the life that I have. Things would be very different.
I think we need Randomness to create the challenges and the plan is to get through them by setting out a plan. The outcome is our life.
Strange isn’t it, when you look at it from a perspective that is as random as this.
Do you agree?
What are your thoughts?
Can you relate to any of this or do you have your own theories?

I just know that if it wasn’t for the randomness in my life, I don’t think all of what I know now would have been discovered. I probably wouldn’t be living the life I have, Though I can’t be sure. So what ever the theory is – we have to believe that the moment we stop accepting the challenge, plan and the randomness of life is the moment that we no longer move forward with our journey.

My message to you today is : “Wake up and Live”
God Bless

Soul Speak

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