Quantum Intuition Explained

Quantum Intuition Explained

Quantum Intuition Explained: Everything is Energy. Energy connects everything. Energy carries information. The past, present & future all exist simultaneously. Therefore, as energetic beings, we have access to the past present &f future at any point in time via energy. it all connects

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  1. People get upset when you do not live up to their fears and fantasies if you want something drop from your thoughts and down into your heart center the real brain don’t think feel be grateful be wise be humble be love be calm be peaceful and most of all be merry.

    1. Something to think about, as i am highly spiritual I came to that awakening in my mid teens, Nikola was on a similar path I do believe, 3,6,9 these are the keys to unlocking the secrets of the universe, we are carbon based, carbon is represented by 6, 3 is prime so I think that is space for everything needs space in this existence, 9 is frequency & viberation, figuring out how they are all connected all the mysteries will be unveiled, everything has energy,

    1. Without time we would be a comic strip not a motion picture, to write you need time to tap each letter, you do not just go from frame to frame, I opened this page, I wrote, I went to next page, read a comic book then watch a cartoon of that sameness comic and then say time does not exist, you think of getting a glass of water, suddenly you are at the fridge, magically you have pitcher of water in one had and glass in other poof you have glass to mouth where no pitcher of water is to be seen, before you speak your thoughts take the TIME and think about what you are about to say,

  2. In other words;
    Here is some scientific information that scientists found out under scientific conditions who then explained how they found out this information and how it works in great detail.
    We have co-opted that information and added our own unscientific theory on the end of it without any detailed explanation and hope you won’t notice because we are dishonourable and we think you are stupid.
    This page truly is a piece of shit.

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