The Pursuit Of Happiness

Finding our purpose and finding our bliss are used synonymously for a good reason. Our purpose is to be joyful, by doing things that make us happy. This is the best way of serving creation. This is all we need to do to be useful. If we can all manage to do this, despite the ups and downs and responsibilities of life, we have fulfilled our purpose. If we take responsibility for our own happiness, we make this world a better place, because happiness makes people kinder, more helpful, more generous. 

So how do we find happiness? We don’t. We create it. Happiness is not something we should wait for, it is something to be actively created.

How do we create it?

Make a list of things that you already know that make you happy. And start incorporating them into your schedule, no matter how busy you are. Do them for 5 minutes a day if that’s all you can manage. Just don’t wait for someone to do them with, or makes excuses about lack of time or money or wait for this project or this week to be over before you start. Be creative, find a way to get started. Once you do, more opportunities will open up.
Make a second list of things you have always found interesting and you think would make you happy. And start trying them, so you can perhaps add some of them to the list of things you know that make you happy.
This the best way of finding your purpose, because a purpose is something you are good at, which makes you incredibly joyful when you do it, and that joy inspires others to find theirs. It doesn’t have to make you money, don’t confuse profession with purpose, they can lovingly coexist. And don’t be surprised if you find many purposes, not just one! And while you are on the journey of finding your purpose through happiness, you are also creating more positive moments in your life on a daily basis, which gives you more energy to do all the things that have to be done, and you will be in a better mood when you do them. So when you look back at your life, there will be no regrets of not doing enough to make myself happy and having wasted most of life just doing what was required to get through life.  This is what will make us feel more fulfilled and empowered and accomplished at the end of our lives.

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