Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

I woke up completely immersed in the thoughts of my mind chasing behind the traces of a dream I just had. The emotions I felt were perplexity and some kind of ambiguous feelings filled with fear and anxiety. “Such a weird dream!” I blurted out and sitting beside me was my mom with an annoyed faced probably because of the last few minutes she spent trying to wake me up. She muttered something that I knew was related to my sleeping habits. I stood up from the bed and there were some ideas flowing in my mind that I promised myself to write upon while carrying out my usual morning routines.

“I have to complete my next blog today!” I thought to myself when I was lying on the couch and just changing TV channels in search of a good movie. It was weekend and I have been already delaying my next write-up since the previous weeks giving excuses to myself! Still hours after this thought I was watching a relatively boring movie while pondering over why I can’t finish the blog I began. “I think I am having a creative block!” was the first reflection regarding the issue. And what followed was a disagreement between my brain that pushed me to accomplish the article and my lazy mind that didn’t want to write on a holiday. This time it was the brain that won, phew!!


For the next few minutes, I found myself staring at my computer screen with some points of my blog written while the following page was completely blank waiting for me to scribble it with my words. ”Why does creativity never hit me?” I shouted so bad with the frustration increasing inside my mind that the maid who was sweeping the floor got a little scared and then gazed hard at me. And then I decided to look for creativity outside my home mainly because my mom had begun complaining now about why I never help her in household chores! I took my earphones, plugged them in the smartphone and flashed out as soon as I can before I was given some household work to do!


Since it was noon, the weather was hot and the nearby coffee place was filled with people. I settled on a rusty bench in the park located close to the café so that I can get some shade while also monitoring the café along with praying to God for getting it empty fast! There were birds chirping all around the park, some old women chattering on the grass while a girl with thick glasses on a bench looking up at the tree searching for something. Well, that was me; I tried incisively hunting creativity amidst the rustling of leaves and noticed a squirrel running playfully from one branch to another. The next half hour was spent writing some thoughts on my phone which I found really interesting as I got happy with the drops of creativity that fell upon me on this hot afternoon. My glance went back to the café that was getting vacant by now and I walked back to the place, got a cup of coffee and happily settled near a corner table with the window.

The subsequent few minutes I subconsciously and blankly gazed at the other end of café until I realized that I am staring hard at some guy who has got really awkward by now, thanks to my gawky gaze! I moved my eyes away from him and directly into my phone scrolling some social media site. After some time, I looked up at the other side of the cafe and that guy was gone now. “Thank God,” I thought and promised myself to never be so dreamy again! It was almost 3 by then and as my mom would be busy in her siesta, I strolled back to my room and experienced that depressive creative block again! “Well, what now?” Absentmindedly I scrolled up a phone contact, dialed the number and waited for my best friend to pick up. “Hey what’s up, busy girl?” the soothing and familiar voice came from the other end and made my day! We talked for the next two hours about every latest gossip, latest crushes, and every little thing we went through in the last few days. When I hung up the phone, I felt really good, “the remedial magic of a phone call with your best friend!” these were the few words that came out of my mouth.

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