Prisoner Of My Own Thoughts, Captive Of My Own Mind

Prisoner of my own thoughts,Captive of my own mind
Sulekha Pande


Prisoner of my own thoughts,
captive of my own mind,
I have created my personal hell,
of it’s own kind


Kayley Easterbrook


As I close my eyes and these tears start to fall, I release the demons I held onto, that left me feeling far too small.

The darkness that resided in my head was silencing my soul, I just needed to realise I am beautiful as I am, I am free and I am whole.

Self acceptance now leads the way and I offer myself love instead,
the freedom of my dreams will now bring me peace as I lay down my weary head.


Tiffany Patterson


There’s no escaping
these thoughts.

Aderinboye Micheal Olawale



Drowned in my pain
Caged in my sorrow
All I’m left with is 
the lingering thoughts of what 
I could have done wrong or right!
But my inner self won’t give up!
I will break out of this cage!!


I am fettered in my mind prison.
And where many thoughts 
force me to listen.
That’s why I close my eyes,
And my tears glisten.
As the inner battle is hard,
And I am struggling 
to find a clear vision 
Rinku Shah


Trapped in the mind-cell,
As tears fell.
All these years
Lived with my darkest fears
Wish I had the courage,
To unpack my baggage.
Come out clean.
What a trauma it has been!


Kimberly Owens


Jailed inside my own mind.
There’s no place to even hide.
I’m so stuck inside my head, 
I’m wishing I was already dead 
Richard Kunesky


The harsh realities of adulting 
has my inner child screaming 
to be set free 
Debra Pry


Holding onto things,
just makes you a prisoner
to your own thoughts.


Kat Lowenberg


Recurring thoughts 
cage my soul.
Roma Manglani


My tears give away, 
the silent screeches of the pain 
that I hide in my head. 
Robin Bitz


My mind is my own prison cell.

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