May My Presence Inspire You To Be Better

May My Presence Inspire You To Be Better

I never want someone
to change themselves
for me. May my presence
inspire you to be better.
But don’t do it for me.
Do it for you.

23 thoughts on “May My Presence Inspire You To Be Better”

  1. I want everyone to change please change your mind say no Ego. no Political relationship,saw respect towards elderly people please come and do Prayers daily please change for your own lovers please have kind heart for Animals please change according to your Age please change it's a humble request please change.

  2. true! if you think doing something that will make you feel good and happy do it…who cares it's your own happiness anyways. if people don't like it or don't appreciate the change/transformation that's their problem. i just ignore such kind of people. Feeling good and feeling happy is priceless no amount can buy such feeling. And when you feel good and happy it radiates on your face through your SMILES!!!

  3. Sarah, I have met u to help u evolve from the bitter lonely girl u were before the day we met. I love u. I love your walking skills and your Regina George-ness. You are beautiful.

  4. Actually whatever we do, we do for our own satisfaction or for the happiness and peace. Even if we sacrifice something special in our life, we do it to satisfy our heart and soul.The only difference is we do either out of joy or for joy.

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