Poem- Conceal

Poem- Conceal
He sat next to me.
We Constantly stole glances at each other between the awkward silences.
Anticipating that I would speak anytime soon, he soon lost his patience.
Glaring deep in my eyes 
He tried to search for answers in it.
And I just looked away as I refused to reveal those ‘treasures’ within me.
I don’t remember the last time someone had tried stirring the darkest zone inside me. 

Why with all the concealment did I still wanted to reveal myself?
He finally spoke gently and broke the silence ” what solace do u find in not revealing? what is that u hide in the garb of silence ?”

Sudden rush of emotion began to ebb and flow inside .
I was happy that I too had a listener but sad coze again I failed to trust.
He grabbed and pressed my cold palm with both his warm palms trying to protect it and tears rolled  down from my eyes as I looked away from him and not conceal anymore .

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