55 thoughts on “Pick one”

  1. Kind
    It is the only thing that is slowly missing in this world !
    Thr beauty of kindness is deeper than skin beauty!
    Intelligence without kindness is like a robot without soul !
    Smartness without kindness is like a flower without fragrance!

  2. What is the difference between smart and intelligent? “Good looking” is so damn tertiary by my standards .. funny it should even be mentioned here – in a purportedly “introvert” feed.

  3. I choose Intelligent, if one is intelligent enough they KNOW to be kind, they KNOW to smart in certain situations, for there is a difference in being smart & intelligent. In their intelligence they will KNOW when to humble which is attractive, & know when to be confident which also is an attraction. So in my perception I find it more prudent to be intelligent, & utilize that intelligence to encompass them all & a bit more. 🙂 Great post.

  4. They all kind of work together. Of course if you love someone they are looking good! I don’t like this put in with attributes. It’s more psychological than some people think. Like you can measure one’s looks by another. That is totally superficial. I might see beautiful eyes or beautiful aura. Someone else might not think so. Looks come in all kinds of packages It’s truly in the eye of the beholder. Just my thoughts. One last thought. Kindness is the thread that ties it all together..

  5. Kindness. Kindness shows good morals, values, and love. Intelligence can be learnt and increased over time and age. Looks fade over time and someone can be good looking but have an ugly heart.

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