Physics of Souls and Haloes

Physics of Souls and Haloes

To talk about the physics of the souls and the haloes is just like talking about the terrain of the rear side of the moon.

But, now, we are in a position to talk about even the terrain of the dark side of the moon also, isn’t?

It was all right when we did not know whether there was any possibility of having things that should shrink when heated instead of expanding or should shrink when stretched out instead of getting elongated by manipulating their atomic structures in a lab.

Just think, if materials may have negative moduluses, why we should doubt that anything may not have such properties as having been spelt out in Shrimad Bhagwat Gita for the souls, such as:

  • They are indestructible and eternal (according to the verse 2.18).
  • Weapons can’t pierce them, fire can’t burn them, water can’t moisten them and wind can’t dry them (according to the verse 2.23).
  • They are impenetrable, incombustible, all pervading, stable and immobile (according to the verse 2.24).
  • They are invisible, imperceptible and immutable (according to the verse 2.25).

None of any 3D objects conforms to any such specifications.

So, it remains to be seen whether souls could probably be 4D or 5D objects – we don’t know.

But we know that

  • Many children around the world, have reported having been able to, precisely, recount the events of their past life which have been not only documented, have been even validated by many people such as the illustrious team of Dr Ian Stevenson, around the world.
  • Many of the children could have recalled where they lived during their past life, who should have been their parents, who should have been their brothers and sisters or what should have been their marital status and all such out-of-the-sky type of things, though scientists have yet to come to terms with any such thing.

All of such things can be explained only in a manner that the souls of the people whom such children may have been thinking should have been their kith and kin should have taken a photo-copy of the things related to them and should have implanted the past-life memories of such people in to their memory at the time of their birth – no other way.

So, it does not make sense disbelieving the existence of the souls.

The same way it looks, though, we can’t see haloes with our eyes there are so many other things that are also not visible – yet we never doubted their existence.

As are the reasons why scientists are not prepared to accede to their existence so are the reasons why they should stop taking such a stern view against their existence, as well.

Why scientists do not accede to the existence of haloes 

If we looked at the following photo, it inspires confidence that it may be wrong to think that haloes may not have a physical existence.



Physics of Souls and Haloes
Source – Facebook 


It is a photo of Akaba Yashara’al, which shows a rainbow type of halo around his head.

But the fact is – our brain can produce only either alpha waves or beta waves or, at the best, theta waves and delta waves, not any light-waves as such.

Even if these waves should have been luminous, their luminescence could not have pierced through the skull that surrounds the brain from all sides.  

We can’t think of any possibility of such haloes being seen the way we see glow-worms emitting light through a chemical reaction of certain enzymes with oxygen, either.

Nonetheless, it is also not true that we can’t see anything that we can’t see through our eyes.

For instance, is it not true that we can see things in the form of dreams even with our both eyes closed when we doze off?

But, as we know, we can’t take photographs of what we see in the dreams.

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