Personal Growth: The Accountability Quotient

One of the most important reports we’ll ever make are personal reports, or being accountable. Accountability can at once be both humbling and empowering. It opens us up to transparency of our intentions, vulnerability in connecting and relating with others and is a spectacular breeding ground for higher learning, self-awareness and acceptance.

For better or worse, being accountable translates into making a conscious choice and opting to own our thoughts, emotions, words and actions and how they may impact both others and ourselves.

Notably, it takes great courage to self govern, be responsible and take ownership. Especially, when it often seems far easier to set ourselves outside of the interconnectedness of Nature by excusing, rationalizing, denying and ignoring the ripple effect which our behaviours have on our families, communities and world at large. However, personal reporting is not about guilt, shame or blame; being accountable to ourselves is a knowing, learning and ultimately accepting and releasing act in our continuous development.

But, there are times on our journey along the path of discovery and fulfillment where our vision narrows; making it difficult to see, hear and sense those we touch along our way. We begin to display bits of selfishness- not the positive self-love and care side of selfishness, either. But, the less considerate, less communal, less connected side. Stepping into our true, higher selves does not come at the cost of others. Rather, through becoming our higher selves we bring a greater service to all.

We are all wonderfully and uniquely fallible with the ability to learn and grow from our wrongs, mistakes and misinterpretations. It all begins with making that decisive act of personal and social responsibility: being accountable.

So let’s keep daring courageously to up-skill from our missteps and relay our personal reports!

Written By Coach Melanie Christian

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