People Are In Such A Rush To Fall In Love

People Are In Such A Rush To Fall In Love

“People are in such a rush to fall in love. We base our relationships off a physical connection rather than an emotional one. We force ourselves to like someone so we won’t be alone. We settle for those that don’t quite satisfy our wants and needs.

Stop looking for love, let it find you.

The best things in life are worth waiting for and love is definitely one of them. Sometimes it happens over night and sometimes it takes years but you have to have patience. Learn to love yourself so that you don’t feel like you need to be loved by someone else in order to feel complete.”

— Alexis Darms

5 thoughts on “People Are In Such A Rush To Fall In Love”

  1. Age 14, I thought I found it. I was wrong.
    Age 18, I thought it’d be forever. I was wrong again.
    Age 25, I thought since I had finally had the courage to stand up and fight, this would finally be it. I was wrong once more.

    Age 26, what’s the fucking rush, right?
    It’s not like 12 years is a fucking long time, right?

    Keziah Lagarto, I’m sorry for venting tal.

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