Story of Pearl

Story of Pearl

The oyster ostensibly takes this grit while not whiny and makes one thing stunning out of it. A few grains of sand creeps in oyster and then oyster starts creating pearl around.

The infliction with layers of pearl essence, turning the grit till it lived with exquisite shiny effulgence.

Imagining a pink lustrous necklace is a delight for any girl or a woman and gives a narcissistic feeling.

But it also has the association with the grit of life, the irritations, the maddening rebellious surroundings of life that makes multiple layers of irritation and the creation of the pearl.

Sometimes it is one thing that emerges stunning from grit, if we have the tendency to work with it, sit with it, however acknowledging it is to be what it’s, seeing it, what it’s potential of beauty.


The lustrous of a pearl may be the result of these layers of irritations, aggravations of life in the very apparent method of metamorphosis.

What is uncovered throughout inflammations is that this existing essence of pearl, that in some ways that it created to itself owing to the irritations, through the frictions and chaffing of the grit of life?

The irritations and challenging of living.

The living presence rising or developing itself in, through what our mind and body realize, irritating and uncomfortable.


If we have the tendency to provide it with an opportunity if we have the tendency to stick with it if we have the tendency to partaking with experiences instead of running from them.

If we have the tendency to learn, to visualize the approach oyster sees and what’s seen is the sweetness and knowledge of irritations emerge over time, it looks.

Or what seems to be waiting to be discovered at intervals the shell of what. I do know to be “myself ”. It’s complete that the pearl is that the end result of many layers of complete knowledge that area unit fashioned. On the approach from the kernel of living life because it is.

Even if I had spontaneous awakenings to the reality of our essence. It feels life like continuous to grant us experiences that expand the expression of the development of that essence of consciousness itself.

It’s associated with progressive development, realizing that the whole thing of experiences of life expands our awareness till it’s ultimately complete.

That we have the tendency to conclude as the wholeness of being. We aspire to have the tendency to have bear probing for as we are unit gritty that will be.

-By Anandita Trikha

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