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The Paradox of Duality: without one, the other would not exist.

Leah Bodette Ynostrosa 

The Paradox of Duality: 
without one, the other would not exist. 
You are the artist/Creator of your life; 
define your perspective.

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Mai Quesada 

Don’t let the past storms of your life
ruin the bright prospects of your future life
Focus on the GOOD LIFE!


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Maria Leonora Orcales 

One’s mind can be gloomy,
one’s mind can be sad
But the change is in your hand
When you stop the negativity and hate
A beautiful world surely you can create


Rachel Grubb 

How happy the man 
that is able to control and define 
his own happiness.


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Karthik Parthasarathy 

The dark clouds in my mind
Can I clear them off with a wand?
I sense the brightness just around the corner
My life is about to get warmer
Not a mirage, I pray for life to be kind.


Sarrvesh Waran 

I want be happy but I dwell in sadness. 
I admire the rainbow 
but I don’t remove the dark clouds in me. 
Yes, I live a double life. 
One, heaven and another hell. 
I am a paradox 
that you won’t understand. 
And I prevent 
the collision of contradictions 
with just my hand.


Hrisha Paul 

Dark agonies filling me,
Destructive thoughts over my sky.
I’ve the only weapon called smile,
I can control things by the way
I choose to see my world of exile.


Erna Duspara 

Here I sit at my thinking table
the mind chatter, I need to disable.
Too many thoughts racing through my head.
Some pure magic
others such dread.
Today I am stronger, and feeling proud.
For I have found an end
to this torturous cloud.


Anjana Surendran 

A gifted artist he was 
who could transform 
those failures and betrayals 
as colors of experience 
to paint his present.


Frankie Crabtree 

Although my mind is clouded with dark thoughts; 
I am in control. I can go to my happy place 
and reclaim my inner peace.

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