The Paradox of Duality: without one, the other would not exist.

Leah Bodette Ynostrosa 

The Paradox of Duality: 
without one, the other would not exist. 
You are the artist/Creator of your life; 
define your perspective.


Mai Quesada 

Don’t let the past storms of your life
ruin the bright prospects of your future life
Focus on the GOOD LIFE!


Maria Leonora Orcales 

One’s mind can be gloomy,
one’s mind can be sad
But the change is in your hand
When you stop the negativity and hate
A beautiful world surely you can create


Rachel Grubb 

How happy the man 
that is able to control and define 
his own happiness.


Karthik Parthasarathy 

The dark clouds in my mind
Can I clear them off with a wand?
I sense the brightness just around the corner
My life is about to get warmer
Not a mirage, I pray for life to be kind.


Sarrvesh Waran 

I want be happy but I dwell in sadness. 
I admire the rainbow 
but I don’t remove the dark clouds in me. 
Yes, I live a double life. 
One, heaven and another hell. 
I am a paradox 
that you won’t understand. 
And I prevent 
the collision of contradictions 
with just my hand.


Hrisha Paul 

Dark agonies filling me,
Destructive thoughts over my sky.
I’ve the only weapon called smile,
I can control things by the way
I choose to see my world of exile.


Erna Duspara 

Here I sit at my thinking table
the mind chatter, I need to disable.
Too many thoughts racing through my head.
Some pure magic
others such dread.
Today I am stronger, and feeling proud.
For I have found an end
to this torturous cloud.


Anjana Surendran 

A gifted artist he was 
who could transform 
those failures and betrayals 
as colors of experience 
to paint his present.


Frankie Crabtree 

Although my mind is clouded with dark thoughts; 
I am in control. I can go to my happy place 
and reclaim my inner peace.

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