As Painful As It May Be Life Resculpts

As Painful As It May Be Life Resculpts
Debra L Laing

As painful as it may be
Life resculpts
the Masterpiece within
That is me.

Rinku Shah

I am art in motion,
Breaking every notion.
The work never ends
Through life as one wends.
Chisel, brush or pen
Time and again.
Changing tools will set me free,
Creating a better version of Me!

Karthik Parthasarathy

The worries, the miseries,
The sadness, the problems,
The things that life throws at you today,
Not to make you a victim, oh No,
But to sculpt you,
To get you into the best possible shape,
For handling what it would send you tomorrow.
Life’s lessons, they are.

Sarrvesh Waran

Change is never easy.
But it is the only way
to mould ourselves;
To sculpt ourselves.
It would hurt so much during the process.
But when you get yourself together
And see what you have become.
After many broken pieces;
A masterpiece
With inner peace.
It would all be worth it…

Anindya J Ganguly

Conditioning a Person
with a Chisel of your Thought
can Ruin the Identity
of that Being forever.

Try to Refrain
from such Indoctrinating Drills.
It can Destroy
the Essence of a Life.
Trust me.

M Jeyaram

Do not sit passively
and let others decide
your shape of life.

Jaimie Mazzone

You have to breakdown
everything you thought to be true.
Piece by piece
to let the divine light
shine through,
this is where
you find the real you.

Sulekha Pande

I was distressed,
I was depressed,
I was sad,
thinking this is the end,
what I didn’t know,
while I sat and cried,
that God is carving
out my destiny,
with a hammer and chisel
in his hand.

Sherry Greene

They drilled their ideas
into my head
And left me
deeply wounded

Priya Savaruth

Don’t let others carve
your thoughts..your mind…
your life!

Swati Chauhan

I’m an artwork in making,
Sculpted by time and experience.
l may not be breathtaking,
But I’m unique in entire existence.

Barbara Bauer

My anxiety
chipping away at me.

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