Our Edges


We live in a world where we will wake up one day and find all people looking the same.

We are turning ourselves to identical aliens, all seeking the perfect dimensions and complexions.

We are giving away our uniqueness and losing the edge of our looks intentionally.

I see that day coming when all the edges will all be gone.

We got it mixed up, we confused being healthy, beautiful and fit with being copy cats.

We confused self-care with self-change.

Instead of enjoying our unique look, we erase what makes us unique, those natural lips, nails, lashes, hair & bodies we were given on the first day of our life.

We are exchanging the beauty of every stage in our age for an artificial look that is sold to everyone else as long they can afford the price.

We tend to stick ourselves to another younger & perfect look, ignoring the fact that we change with time.

We have to enjoy how we naturally change on the inside and the outside every day.

Huge difference between those lovely natural wrinkles that match our age and journey, and the fake filler that definitely shows you older than your real age.

If we only knew how fake we look with those paid breasts, brows, and perfectly-white hollywood teeth (which never look natural by the way).

We are turning ourselves to plastic anti-age & anti-nature models.

Ever met a face unable to express tears, laughter, sadness or happiness?

That stretched and filled skin just chain the natural way emotions flow all over the face.

Let’s please stop messing our own bodies, no one can fool nature and no one can fool time.

Love how you look, love your age, love your wrinkles, love every line as each is a day you lived.

Don’t lock your body in a plastic mold.

Don’t lose your edge.

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