One of the best feelings is finally losing feelings

One of the best feelings is finally losing feelings

One Of the best feeling is finally losing feelings & Your attachment to somebody that isn’t good for you

26 thoughts on “One of the best feelings is finally losing feelings”

  1. 😀 Be helpless, dumbfounded,
    Unable to say yes or no.
    Then a stretcher will come from grace
    to gather us up.
    Rumi <3 Hahaha…I love Rumi <3 truly genius <3

  2. The only way to do when you are upsets of the bad things that always happened around you is to walk away & never come back from the place or to face again all the people that been a part of your life & trying to destroyed everything you build by your own way of life living because no matter how hard they try those ignorantly attitudes they have each one of them will never win by their own game that they are suffering to much self insecurely by their own selves

  3. By the logic presented by this page everyone is bad for you. Where’s a “ten signs someone is actually human and flawed and still worthy of love”. All you guys ever post is about getting rid of people

    1. I think what is meant by these is letting go of people you hang on to that don’t hang on to you. People who you love but only use you. People who you love but don’t love you back or can’t love you back. People who tell you what they think you want to hear, they give you enough to keep you hanging on but not enough to make you feel secure in the relationship.

    2. A lot of people don’t feel secure in any relationship. This kind of stuff when it’s relentless is potentially toxic. And people with borderline, or cptsd are very affected and validated in their fears by statements that suggest everyone is potentially damaging. It wouldn’t help seeing constant stimulus suggesting that if they have doubts or fears it means get rid of everyone else. It bothers me, because it would be a massive trigger for anyone who suffers for splitting as a coping mechanism

    3. Hi. This meme is pretty basic. It basically says that the best thing that you could do is to finally get over someone who’s not good for you. There’s no other way to really look at that. If someone’s bad for you, get rid of them. Simple. Life is too short to make excuses for people who are not good for you.

    4. I understand what you are saying and I agree they have been posting a lot if these lately. And hopefully they move away from it to more encouraging posts. Personally this one reminds me that there is more to my life than the one that I let get away, reconnected with but can’t be with (long story ). My heart is broken and everyday I have to tell myself “there is more to you than this”, “You have to let him go. You did it before you can do it again” For the first time in my life I showed someone my whole heart and it got shattered. I am just trying to get back to me. Trying to let go of the that small dream in my heart.

    5. ^ while I accept my role, and mistakes were made, I love someone with my whole heart who has absolutely blocked me out and refuses to speak to me. I know that feeling. I’m actually seeing a counsellor to try and get through the grief.

    6. I’m sorry. It sucks. I thought I was in love before and had been hurt, never like this. But than again I had never laid my heart out before someone like this before… A part of me is proud of myself for doing it and a part of me is saying “stupid girl what the f**k were you thinking?” I think talking to a counselor would be beneficial for me but it’s not in the budget right now unfortunately. So I journal, pray, listen to music, talk to friends…try to keep my mind busy as much as possible. I wish you luck Richard.

    7. Not leaving people Richard White
      What we want more to bring in – or cultivate is a sense of self love. Detachment from things/people. But not love.
      Love is free, should be free too. That’s what most of our messages are for.

      Self love – When the source of all your love needs is within ourself, you do not look outside for it. Whatever you do, after that – for a person/ a situation is a selfless act.
      We very much are in favor of this thought. What we say is – lets not run after people for your needs.

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