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Once You Get To Know The Zodiac Signs

Once You Get To Know The Zodiac Signs

Once You Get To Know The Zodiac Signs

Once you get to know them…

Aries: laughs a lot, very funny, truly just a kid

Taurus: kind, very trustworthy, and their hearts are 100% pure

Gemini: they care too much about their public image, but deep down they are white-hearted

Cancer: cries at almost everything and always has a reminder that says that people are not worth their time

Leo: insecure, most loyal, big generous heart, funny, a shoulder to cry on, trust worthy

Virgo: over thinkers, always confused, and try hard to push everyone to be better

Libra: ditches everything because of their laziness, secretive, the gut is their thing

Scorpio: very sensitive, loves hard, deep, not as evil as they seem, trust issues

Sagittarius: loyal, kind, unique, fun, secretive, a bit sneaky

Capricorn: funny, a**hole, personality problems, not stable, hard worker

Aquarius: cries A LOT, big ego, doesn’t keep a secret, doesn’t share their secretes, hard workers

Pisces: truly kids, sensitive, kind, big ego, loves fashion

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